Washing gel Waschkonig sensitive 1,625L



Washing gel Der Waschkönig C.G. Sensitive is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin with tendency for allergy. Composition of this gel has been created having that in mind. The product is zeolite and phosphate free (it does not include ingredients suspected to be allergenic). The used fragrances are delicate, not irritating sensitive skin.

Strongly concentrated form, makes the gel extremely efficient – 1,625 l bottle is sufficient enough for up to 46 washes. It effectively removes stains even in a quick and cold wash – it dissolves very well, rinse off better than powders and works already in 20°C. It is kind to textile and tough to stains.

Special formula makes the fabrics fibres smoothed, which makes lifting off stains from fibres much easier.

Moreover, thanks to its formula, Der Waschkönig C.G. Black helps in protecting washing machine from build-up rust and limescale.

Quantities units
in BOX 6
in LAYER 72
in PALETE 432