Washing gel Waschkonig black 3,375L



Der Waschkönig C.G. Black is a product which is not only amazing in removing tough stains and dirt, but also protecting colour vibrancy, making the textiles look like just bought.

The gel penetrates deep down into the fibres, making them super smooth. This not only makes the clothes soft and comfortable in feel, colours fresh and long-lasting but it makes the dirt more superficial on smoothed fabrics – therefore further washes are quicker and simpler.

It works already 20°C – it is not leaving any white stains or residues as it dissolve extremely well. Washed fabrics obtain fresh, nice fragrance.

Moreover, thanks to its formula, Der Waschkönig C.G. Black helps in protecting washing machine from build-up rust and limescale.

Quantities units
in BOX 4
in LAYER 40
in PALETE 160