Washing powder WascheMeister color 7,875kg



WäscheMeister powder is an economical choice. This washing powder is available in two sizes: 7,875 kg (cardboard) – 95 washes and 10,5 kg (foil) – 140 washes. It is safe for coloured fabrics, it makes them look like new again. Thanks to the good solubility in water, it does not leave residues or white marks on clothes.

WäscheMeister powder works great even in cold water, dealing with dirt in 30°C. It brings fresh, nice fragrance. What is more, it is safe for skin, does not cause allergy or irritation. It also includes ingredients thanks to which your washing machine is protected from scaling.

Quantities units
in BOX 1
in LAYER 24
in PALETE 80