Washing powders Waschkonig Lavendel 7,5kg BOX



Der Waschkonig C.G. Lavendel Frische is a new product in Waschkonig line, which has brilliant spot removing properties, being at the same time safe for colour. It has intensive, long lasting scent of lavender, thanks to which washed textiles have an amazing fresh smell.

Carefully chosen formula does not contain phosphates and zeolites (the article is safe for skin – it does not cause irritation and allergies). Washing powder is characterised by excellent dissolving properties, it has a lot of blue granules and contains descaler – therefore another product of this type is not needed.
Washing temperature: 30°C to 95°C.

Packsize: 7,5 kg – sufficient enough for 100 washes.

Quantities units
in BOX 1
in LAYER 24
in PALETE 80